I'm Alessia, from Italy, Rome. I'm 21 and I'm a DREAMER, I've got so many passions.
I love music, dance, books and I'm also a tv series addicted.
Here I'd like to share and post my tought about them.
Want to live in another time cause I don't belong to this one for so many reasons!!
~ Venerdì, Luglio 25 ~
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Suits + name meanings/origins.

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~ Venerdì, Luglio 18 ~
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That’s how contagion works.

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but when we find love, no matter how wrong, how sad or how terrible, we cling to it. it gives us our strength. it holds us upright. it feeds on us and we feed on it.

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It is too much to say all at once here without sounding crazy.

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"It’s like you’re psychically linked.”

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to me, you are perfect.

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+Crossroad Blues+

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martinski meme | one hug

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Noel and Cameron at the Showtime Soiree at 2014 TCA

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There’s a beauty in it and also a danger.

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30 Seconds to Mars - Love Lust Faith + Dreams / First lines (insp)

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